Immunity Systems

Range of activities

Immunity Systems is a Polish company dealing with the whole spectrum of IT security issues. Our scope of work is very expanded and includes a number of areas of performing cyber security services.

A great advantage of our company is our team of experts who have years of experience, which guarantees the highest level of IT security, both offensive and defensive.


Our primary goal is to provide clients with services that guarantee the highest level of security for their information and business processes.


We are a provider of services to key clients in various sectors, including banking, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and defense industries in the Polish market, as well as internationally.


The company’s main specialties include:

  • Creating critical security systems e.g. users authorization systems,
  • Creating security systems for non-typical organizations and processes such as honeypot infrastructure, stimulating the real infrastructure of our clients,
  • Security analysis of IT solutions, industrial automation systems and embedded devices,
  • Simulating of cyberbully attacks,
  • Reconfiguration of the existed infrastructure aiming at extending security measures,
  • Researching security market aiming at the selection of the best possible solutions within the existing client’s infrastructure,
  • Providing help while analyzing cyber attacks e.g. burglary while using unidentified gap in the security system,
  • Reverse engineering of the software e.g. firmware and malware that attacked the customer.


We also have experience in the analysis and design of anti-fraud systems for both detection and
prevention of phishing incidents.