Range of activities

Inseqr features cutting-edge, innovative solutions in the field of software development services and security in the broadest sense. In line with our motto – We create a culture of security.


With our extensive background in information security, cyber security and software development services, we are specialists. Our values – competences and trust guide us in the implementation of projects.


We provide our clients with a number of services and products that upgrade the cyber security of companies, institutions, organisations and projects. Inseqr’s services and products related to secure communication include the SafeTalk Messenger, the ultra-secure VPN – 2 SecureVPN, SafeBox – combination of communicator and VPN and SZUMIK – an anti-eavesdropping device designed on the basis of an acoustic box to ensure the confidentiality of meetings and conversations.


With experience in large, nationwide projects, including those of exceptional importance to national security, as well as commercial projects, our team includes highly qualified programmers, architects, controllers, pentesters and testers. We provide SoftwareHouse services of the highest standard.


Within Inseqr, we become experts in providing OSINT-class analytical tools. The Quaero is our proprietary solution. It is a state-of-the-art analytical platform offering the ability to efficiently search, combine and analyse data from open sources on the Internet and, most importantly, from individual Client resources.


The most significant component of any organisation or institution’s cyber security system is an employee knowledgeable in how to respond to incidents. At Inseqr, we have created a series of cyber hygiene training courses for employees of companies and institutions called the “Safe Employee”. We are experts in OSINT issues, that is why as part of our offer, we provide training in the field of white intelligence, i.e. techniques for obtaining information about individuals, companies, competitors, products, etc.


A comprehensive cyber security solution, CyberFirma, is available for companies and institutions. We therefore support organisations for which the issues of security, protection of assets and communication are of particular importance.


We are trusted by authorities responsible for state security, public administration institutions, local government units and private enterprises. We are certified for industrial security and perform classified services and projects. In our team there are professionals with the highest security certificates.


We collaborate with scientific institutes and Poland’s largest technical universities to create combined research and development (R&D) projects.