Range of activities

Omnilogy ensures performance, reliability and security of IT environments and systems.


We operate in the area of monitoring, observability and cybersecurity. We help our clients create and implement strategies in these areas. This is especially valuable and needed in all initiatives related to the implementation of DevSecOps practices, process automation, digital transformation and migration to the cloud. We extend them with the reliability methodology of SRE (Site Reliability Engineering or, as we prefer to say: Service Reliability Engineering), which was originally developed at Google and is now practiced all around the world. We collect information, signals, logs and traces using the tools we implement at clients. Then we process them using AI algorithms, which enables us to efficiently solve our clients’ operational problems and prevent failures.


In Poland, we represent best-in-class solutions in this field: Dynatrace (DPM, Cybersecurity), Viavi (NPMD), Versio (Inventory), Pentera, Sysdig (CIEM).


Dynatrace, a leader in DPM (Digital Performance Management) and APM (Application Performance Management) solutions, entrusted us with the function of RFO (Regional Franchise Operator) in Poland.