Range of activities

Proget is a solution which delivers comprehensive management and protection of mobile devices in the enterprise. It is distinguished by a simple and intuitive administration console available in several languages. Support for many different mobile device management models ensure that the system features are adjusted to the company’s needs, regardless of whether the company want to use business only devices (COBO), employees private use of corporate owned devices (COPE) or the use of private devices for business purposes (BYOD). The Proget platform not only provides a high security levels but also allows the distribution of apps, tools and configurations for employees’ devices. The mobile estate is not only secured but also ready to work immediately after enrollment to the system. Proget ensures secure communications with the mobile device, encrypted communication with e-mail systems, intranet systems, directory services and a secure connection for data transfer between the organization’s servers and the user’s devices.


Problem we solve

Mobile devices are most often the weakest link in the security of companies. The Proget system allows you to easily and effectively manage a fleet of mobile devices in an enterprise, regardless of whether the company has several or several thousand devices.