zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Cyber consulting services, Cybersecurity R&D projects, DNS Security, Designing integrated circuits, Device safety tests, IOT Security, IT Infrastructure security tests, Malware analysis using advanced research environment, Security audits, Security education/training, Security of end devices

The service consists of simulating an attack on applications, IT systems, and organizations. The simulation is no different from a real advanced attack targeting assets of an institution. In this case, the intention of our team lies not in causing the most possible damage, as it is during a real attack, but indicating where and what specific measures are necessary to be implemented. Conducting a controlled attack allows for obtaining additional certainty and radically improves the security level of utilized assets.

Problem we solve

Applications and IT systems have security vulnerabilities, which might be subject to exploitation resulting in taking control over the digital assets and therefore may result in theft and data loss. Taking into account the threats resulting from these scenarios and relying on the longstanding experience of our team of experts, we successfully conduct controlled cyberattacks and security tests of technological solutions utilized within organizations. We professionally find vulnerabilities before attackers take advantage of them and support exacting clients in building even better and more effective defense mechanisms protecting against attacks.