zakres działalności:
Cybersecurity R&D projects, Data encryption/cryptographic solutions, Incident analysis, Malware analysis using advanced research environment, Network security, Security Operations Center (SOC), Security of end devices

Arcabit antivirus and security software is an entirely Polish solution that allows securing of Windows and Android systems for both individual users and networks in the public sector, education, and businesses. We protect all areas that may be a target or a path of attack on the resources of our Users and Customers. Arcabit software analyzes e-mail and all network traffic, with particular emphasis on the activity of web browsers, all operations in any file system, and access to USB storage devices. The information collected by individual protective layers is additionally analyzed as a whole in the RoundKick EDR module, which allows for instant detection and neutralization of new threats. Our proprietary Safe Storage technology protects the User’s documents and other important files from encryption or destruction.

Problem we solve

Arcabit manufactures antivirus and security software. Our solutions facilitate system protection against malware and harmful activity. As an exclusively Polish company, we are fully focused on threats targeted at our native cyberspace.