zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Building an information security management system, Cyber consulting services, Cybersecurity R&D projects, Device safety tests, IT Infrastructure security tests, Incident analysis, Malware analysis using advanced research environment, Other services, Security audits, Security education/training

CLICO has been operating on the high technology market since 1991. The company specialize in the areas of security, network and management. With 30 years of experience, CLICO offers a comprehensive set of consulting, educational and auditing services, supporting organizations in the process of improving cybersecurity in the areas of IT, OT and IoT.

CLICO specializes in security audits of IT systems and OT / SCADA industrial automation control systems. The main goal of audit services is to provide a reliable assessment of the tightness, reliability and performance of security systems as well as compliance with the requirements of law and industry regulations. Security audits are carried out at CLICO by a team consisting of certified security analysts, pen-testers and security engineers from various technologies. Audit team members have, inter alia, the following certifications: (ISC) 2 CISSP & Instructor, EC Council CEH & Instructor and EC Council CCISO & Instructor.

CLICO is also a Training Center, where carries out a number of professional training courses dedicated to a wide range of recipients with various levels of advancement. The team of CLICO trainers currently employs about 30 trainers, of which almost 10 people in our international branches. All trainers have high technical qualifications, confirmed by engineering and coaching certificates and many years of professional work as technical support engineers. We have almost 20 authorizations of certified training centers (ATC), including independent organizations such as (ISC) 2 and the EC-Council.