zakres działalności:
Cybersecurity R&D projects, Network security, Performance monitoring and traffic analysis (Flows)

Cryptomage is a dynamic hi-tech ICT company offering products and services in the cybersecurity area. Our flagship product is Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ – Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution. The device offers low-level network anomaly detection, successfully protecting companies from signature-less cyberattack. The analysis is supported by our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. Also, the solution may be integrated with other security products (SOC, SOAR, SIEM, NGFW) to achieve even greater levels of threat detection and automate preventive actions. Cryptomage Cyber Eye™ is also the only NDR tool on the market with the function of personal data leaks detection (GDPR compliance).

Problem we solve

• early-stage detection of sophisticated cyber-attacks (APT, signature-less)
• cyber-threats analysis
• personal data leaks