Cyber Security Center
zakres działalności:
Application security tests, IT Infrastructure security tests, Security audits, Security education/training

CSC carries out security audits of systems, infrastructure, operating procedures and practices. Audits allow assessing how companies are prepared for cyber incidents. Additionally audits help to develop plans to minimize the possibility of cyber incidents occurrence and their consequences. CSC performs security tests and penetration tests of systems and applications, and provides consultancy in the field of „security by design”. CSC engineers help define security criteria (taking into account the requirements of regulators) that should be met by implemented IT solutions. The activities are complemented by the preparation of companies in the event of cyber incidents. CSC conducts workshops to prepare practical incident response plans, business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans. Cyber policy holders can use the 24/7/365 incident response centre and cyber claims handling.

Problem we solve

CSC offers services in the field of building cybersecurity of infrastructure and business and support in responding to cyber incidents. Thanks to the cooperation with a panel of specialized entities, we have built a unique value for SME enterprises: the actual availability of cybersecurity services and specialists at the highest world level, also in the event of an incident.