Cyberus Labs
zakres działalności:
Authentication, Data encryption/cryptographic solutions, IOT Security, Security of end devices

Cyberus Key is a passwordless, multifactor user authentication system that provides an easy to use login and operation confirmation in any web or mobile service. With an easy and secure one-touch user login Cyberus Key provides an unrivaled user experience – no usernames/passwords to create, store or remember. Guarantees the multilevel protection of on-line operations and transactions for businesses and consumers. ELIoTPro is a next generation, universal and platform agnostic, end-to-end cyber security solution of authentication, communication and encryption, protecting the whole IoT network. From H2M user authentication to M2M machine authentication, with an ultrasecure “Lightweight Encryption” methodology suitable for a wide range of end-point devices, Rules Engine component that monitors and detects any malfunction as well as AI-based Self-Healing system for IoT networks.

Problem we solve

Our solutions eliminate any static credentials (passwords, usernames) from the process of authentication for users and devices. This way we eliminate one of the biggest problems of any online-based human activity – the risk of stolen credentials responsible for 80% of data breaches. We eliminate the most frequent cyber threats such as phishing, key logging, „man-in-the-middle”, cloning, relay attacks. ELIoTPro supported with our proprietary Lightweight Encryption designed especially for IoT devices prevents from hijacking them and against DDoS attacks. We solve the problem of lack of compatible encryption for low power, low memory and low processing capabilities of IoT end-point devices.