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Cybersecurity of application containers

Defenselayers is an application container native cybersecurity company. We encapsulate over 100 years of cumulative team’s cyber security expertise into services which ensure that our clients’ application containers are safe and compliant. Defenselayers delivers a complete technology stack encapsulated in OCI compliant and pre-hardened secure containers for creating and maintaining cloud microservices. Becoming global knowledge hub of current cyberthreats and vulnerabilities we can constantly monitor cybersecurity status of our secure containers and maintain durable security of our clients software. Our solutions are effective, technology neutral and easily integrate with DevOps environments.

Problem we solve

Nearly 75% of open source components which are commonly used in commercial software contain known vulnerabilities out of which nearly 50% are qualified as high risk. In the world of dramatically rising cybercrimes issues, where security and compliance expertise becomes a unique, scarce resource creating a widening cybersecurity talent gap, and when increased regulations drive new burdensome and expensive compliance challenges there is a need for solutions to manage complexity of cybersecurity issues in clouds.