Digital Core Design
zakres działalności:
Authentication, Data encryption/cryptographic solutions, Designing integrated circuits, Electronic layer of documents/cards, Hardware crypto accelerators, IOT Security, Security Operations Center (SOC)

DCD-SEMI draws from over two decades of experience in designing innovative integrated circuits. The company has designed over 70 different types of architectures, including the world’s fastest processor from the 8051 family, the first commercial 32- bit processor in the history of Poland as well as a 100% secure cryptographic system. A conservative estimate says that at least 500,000,000 electronic devices worldwide are built based on our projects. Recent years have been a time of intense cooperation with the best cryptologists in Poland, thanks to which the company has introduced a number of unique hardware cryptographic protection solutions.

Problem we solve

CryptOne – a cryptographic system developed by DCD engineers and Polish scientists – cryptologists. This 100% secure cryptographic system maximizes the performance of asymmetric cryptography, accelerating arithmetic operations such as modular exponentiation, multiplication, inversion, GCD finding, and point doubling. DSHA2-256 – this is an example of one of the cryptographic modules that the company has developed for cryptography. Thanks to them, each company can design electronics for their own needs, without the risk of back-door attacks or attacks with the power vector, temperature or other parameters. Each of these solutions is based on the proprietary DCD-SEMI architecture, thanks to which the final solution incorporates security measures at the lowest possible level.