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Application security tests, Cloud security, Compliance, Container security, Cyber consulting services, Cybersecurity R&D projects, DNS Security, DevSecOps, Device safety tests, Digital forensics, IOT Security, IT Infrastructure security tests, Incident analysis, Information security management system, Intrusion Detection System, Network security, OSINT, Red Teaming/Purple Teaming Tests, Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Security Operations Center (SOC), Security audits, Security education/training, Security of end devices, Social engineering tests, Threat Intelligence / Threat Hunting, Threat modeling

Cybersecurity in every organization is highly esteemed by us and we strongly believe it indicates one of the most crucial aspects of successful business. We are fully aware that cybersecurity market offers numerous high-cost solutions, thus companies may be reluctant to use them. This is why we try to provide our customers with the highest quality of cybersecurity service at the lowest cost. Our software that manages vulnerabilities – VMC – is a response to those needs (https://github.com/DSecureMe).

What is more, our offer includes implementation and maintaining the open solution for IT infrastructure management.

Our engineers run audits, application and system pen tests, consultations and trainings as well.

We offer services to customers who pay attention to improving the level of cybersecurity in organizations and to those who run businesses that are obliged to follow requirements of the national cybersecurity system. We help to implement the asset management processes of IT infrastructure, vulnerabilities and other tools which facilitate to develop a company in terms of cybersecurity as well as in SDLC process with elements relevant to cybersecurity. Once choosing vulnerability management, the customers may expect a maximum reduction in financial and company’s image losses, saving even hundreds of thousands of dollars, which may be the consequence of hacking attacks and software vulnerabilities. A threat of these, on the other hand, is growing due to the accessibility of public exploits and the increasing number of skilled hackers. We aim to spread the awareness among developer teams and to develop their processes which is, indeed, providing security at the software development stage. We invite you to engage in cooperation with us, since we ensure effective protection against any threats regarding IT assets and improve the vulnerability management process!