We are Elementrica, a company specialising in a wide range of cybersecurity services. Our offerings include penetration testing for web applications, mobile apps, and APIs, security audits for smart contracts, static source code analysis, and penetration testing for internal and external networks. Additionally, we conduct security audits for cloud services, penetration testing for OT/IoT, and security audits for wireless networks and Active Directory. We also offer various security assessments, such as Red Team and Purple Team evaluations, APT simulations, ransomware attack simulations, and cybersecurity awareness training.


Our team consists of qualified experts who are well-versed in the latest technologies and techniques in cybersecurity. We hold various certifications, including OSCP, OSWP, OSWA, OSWE, OSED, CREST Registered Penetration Tester, Burp Suite Certified Practitioner, and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, further affirming our competence and credibility in the industry. We adopt a goal-oriented approach focused on minimising our clients’ risks, making us a trusted partner in navigating the digital world. We offer clear and easy-to-understand processes based on the best industry standards, guaranteeing the highest quality of service. We are flexible and can adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, offering a wide range of customised solutions, regardless of the size of their organisation.

We emphasise a proactive approach to cybersecurity, focusing on accelerating threat detection, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting critical digital assets. Additionally, we offer a platform for phishing attack simulations and training in security awareness aimed at assessing and reducing employees’ susceptibility to such threats.