Energy Logserver
zakres działalności:
Building an information security management system, DNS Security, IOT Security, Incident analysis, Performance monitoring and traffic analysis (Flows), Security Operations Center (SOC), Security of end devices

Energy Logserver is a platform for collecting, correlating and analyzing of all data from the IT environment.As part of the solution, we provide functionalities that allow building on its basis such syste classes as: Log Management, SIEM, BI, APM, Network & Netflow Analysis, Infrastructure Monitoring. The solution has included AI and Machine Learning mechanisms that give real possibilities to predict behavior of the network, users and infrastructure. Energy Logserver architecture allows for safe collection of unlimited amounts of data, while providing efficient search mechanisms, based on the Elasticsearch project. Platform provides a suite of connectors and parsers for dozens of data sources, hundreds of predefined correlation rules, dashboards and reports, and at the same time gives the client the freedom to adapt it to individual needs.

Problem we solve

Energy Logserver is a platform that was created as a response to the need of collection and analysis of increasing amounts of data from the IT environment. Our goal was to create a platform that gives the opportunity to collect all valuable data while maintaining a simple and effective licensing model different from the market competition. The platform, thanks to its flexibility, can be perfectly adapted to the real needs of the customers giving useful tools without forcing an artificially imposed framework.