Findia Cyber The insurance for companies of most industries seeking to protect themselves in the event of cyber incidents. Clients gain financing and specialized resources to detect the source of an incident, manage the response and restore the company’s functioning after an attack.
Findia Tech&Cyber The insurance dedicated to IT companies, which combines professional liability and cyber insurance. IT companies gain protection from contract claims and cyber incidents; own losses, third party claims.
Findia Tech&Cyber for Contractors insurance dedicated to IT specialists working under a B2B contract for larger entities that manage their work. The contractor gains full protection as in the case of IT companies.
Our solutions are available in the following models: full risk assessment for large enterprises or a simplified SMART formula maintaining full scope of cover, disclaimers based.

Problem we solve

We are part of a group specializing in the area of insurance, cybersecurity and IT services. Findia is a Lloyd’s (Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A.) coverholder. We create insurance products tailored to local markets. Lloyd’s high rating (A + rating), global protection (including the US and Canada) and an international standard ensure that our products meet the requirements of companies from around the world. We offer our clients an individual risk assessment system based on team competences and advanced IT tools. We are responsible for the distribution of our solutions in Poland and Central European countries.