zakres działalności:

IDENTT is a team of experts, analysts and developers focused on solutions related to automated identity confirmation and face comparison. A significant part of the company is an R&D team, which carries out data analysis projects with the use of deep neural networks. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions, the results are far better than using conventional methods. The products we offer are our proprietary solutions. We have many years of experience in the implementation of identity verification in various processes and scenarios. We use state-of-the-art technologies that allow for continuous product improvement, which is appreciated by our customers. Our flexible approach enables integration with the client’s systems and helps us adapt the solution to the standards of the institution where our video verification mechanisms are implemented.

Problem we solve

The customer onboarding is a crucial part of customer service experience in every company. The challenge there is to perform remote, quick and reliable identity verification. Our solution allows us to verify the customer’s identity remotely, in a short time, in an automatic and scalable process. The solution we propose allows for a reliable, remote identity verification implementation in a variety of scenarios – e.g. via web or mobile apps. Thanks to that it is possible to provide a fully remote customer service. It also helps to increase accessibility, optimize costs related to acquiring new customers as well as minimize risk of frauds with fake identity usage.