IS-Wireless develops and delivers 5G network solutions based on the Open RAN model. It includes both: based on standards software and hardware necessary to build 5G (and also 4G) telecommunication networks. Open RAN is the latest trend in building cellular networks. It is based on separating software and hardware concept, enabling the use of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) servers. This allows for lower prices and improving competitiveness, which is crucial for the further development of the 5G network. IS-Wireless is the first and only Polish provider of 5G network solutions. At the same time, IS-Wireless is the only Polish company actively participating in global 5G R&D projects.

Problem we solve

To build a 5G network offering the quality parameters underlying the 5G standardization, the density of the base stations’ grid should be significantly increased, while reducing their power. However, it is impossible to densify the network in the traditional silo model, as it will be too expensive. The solution in this situation is to build a network based on Open RAN. This open model allows for significant savings, and on the other hand, it enables much more efficient use of available resources such as locations, computing devices, frequency band. Such solutions are already successfully implemented on the market, for example by the Japanese operator Rakuten.