zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Cyber consulting services, DNS Security, Device safety tests, IOT Security, IT Infrastructure security tests, Network security, Security audits, Security education/training, Security of end devices

For 16 years, we have been increasing the level of cybersecurity in the organizations and reducing the risk of financial losses as a result of cyber incidents. We carry out controlled attacks on web and mobile applications, penetration tests of internal and external infrastructure, phishing, and malware simulations. In addition, we effectively increase employees’ security awareness.

Problem we solve

Our specialists find vulnerabilities in your company and show you how to fix them stepby- step, as well as how to improve your cybersecurity and reduce the risk of financial losses caused by cybercriminals. What our customers say about our penetrations tests and security awareness services:
„Our overall IT security was definitely improved.”
„Their team knew what they were doing and what to look for.”
„We appreciated their super-fast, clear, and precise communication.”