zakres działalności:
Authentication, Cyber consulting services, Network security, OSINT, Security Operations Center (SOC), Security audits, Security of end devices

Mediarecovery’s competences comprehensively cover the area of computer forensics: data security and analysis, preparation of expert opinions for courts, design and construction of computer forensics laboratories, implementation of dedicated individual projects on request, construction of stationary and mobile laboratories, production of proprietary solutions for scanning radio and ICT communication, a wide training offer within the Academy of Computer Forensics. Mediarecovery’s proprietary solutions include: BTS Scanner – used by services to scan and acquire data collected by BTS, Mediaimager – efficient and fully portable binary copier, Mediaimager Software – an application that allows you to create images of digital media, Many other tools dedicated to services that cannot be presented to the public due to security procedures.

Problem we solve

Mediarecovery is one of the largest computer forensics (CF) companies in Central and Eastern Europe. It has a computer forensics laboratory in which analyzes for the needs of law enforcement, judiciary, companies and organizations are performed. The company also has an R&D department that produces specialized CF tools, solutions for scanning cellular networks, mobile binary copiers and surveillance tools. The potential of the company is also created by high-class specialists. Many of them are lecturers at the Academy of Computer Forensics, created by the company to support the development of clients’ competences in the CF area. The company also provides IT security services and products.