Mission: Cybersecurity
zakres działalności:
Cyber consulting services, Security Awareness, Security education/training

About us

Mission: Cybersecurity allows us to train employees in a fun and entertaining way. As it is not a standard cybersecurity training, but a game, employees are fully engaged and they can easily apply gained knowledge in their day-to-day activities. Our product is already used by multiple companies, including one of the biggest construction companies in Europe or well-known financial institutions.

We have broad experience in building cybersecurity awareness programs and cybersecurity management. Our two founders have 30+ years of joint experience as advisors, managers and leaders of cybersecurity teams and participated in over 800 diverse advisory and assurance projects both for Polish, European and international companies from different sectors.

We are confident that in many cases the easiest way to bypass advanced security controls is to attack people. That is why we are following the highest standards in relation to teaching cybersecurity practices in an efficient, but also enjoyable way. The strength of our company is a highly motivated team of cybersecurity experts mixed with developers, administrators and graphic designers.

Problem we solve

Cyber attacks are targeting organization’s employees, who are the most popular targets of criminal activities. Majority of these attacks can be prevented by having well trained employees. Unfortunately, organizations are still failing to build employees’ security competencies and trainings which they provide are ineffective.

Mission: Cybersecurity is a security awareness training platform based on a scenario game. The game, together with comprehensive supporting materials, allows a variety of businesses to build cybersecurity culture and teach secure behaviors by implementing a cybersecurity awareness program that addresses all key cyberthreats for organizations.