zakres działalności:
Cybersecurity R&D projects, Data encryption/cryptographic solutions, Incident analysis, Malware analysis using advanced research environment, Network security, Security education/training, Security of end devices

mks_vir is the oldest Polish antivirus program – and at the same time one of the oldest antivirus programs in the world. The latest edition of the program is a comprehensive security package for both individual users and larger entities from the public, education, and business sectors. We protect all areas that may be a target for attack – e-mail, file systems, network traffic, web browsers, and USB devices. RoundKick EDR analyzes information from all layers of protection, being able to detect new malware before it is even identified by the antivirus engine. The encrypted disk module available in the package allows creating password-protected virtual drives. A rich set of additional tools and the mks_vir administrator module facilitate convenient management of network package installations.

Problem we solve

We are a manufacturer of mks_vir antivirus and security software – the oldest in Poland and one of the oldest brands across the entire antivirus industry. We protect both individual users and small businesses as well as larger entities from the public, education, and business sectors.