zakres działalności:
Network security, Performance monitoring and traffic analysis (Flows), Security of end devices

The services and products we offer help to protect data and applications (including Web applications) against the effects of external attacks (including zero day, APT, ransomware threats), abuse or inadvertent user errors. They protect both the typical communication channels – Internet or e-mail, and the uncommon environments and protocols, e.g. industrial or medical ones.

Problem we solve

For over 20 years Passus SA has been implementing IT projects , thanks to which our clients can effectively identify and eliminate bottlenecks affecting the performance of networks and critical applications, as well as plan the development of IT infrastructure. The company provides solutions that are an effective response to the latest threats to IT security and allow our customers to counteract fraudand theft of confidential data. The company’s offer includes unique solutions created by our programmers and engineers, such as Passus Secure Web Gateway (SWG), StressTester or Intrusion Detection System (IDS).