zakres działalności:
Data destruction, Destruction of data carriers

ProDevice – advanced and intelligent solutions for destroying information from various types of electronic storage media, present on the market since 2012.

We offer high-quality products for safe and irreversible data removal (degaussers) and physical destruction of storage media (manual and automatic shredders).

In 2023, a new data removal technology will be introduced to the market – the world’s first ProDevice device will effectively delete data from flash memory media without destroying their physical structure. The Polish product will undoubtedly revolutionize the global data destruction technology market.

Quality and safety

We focus on reliability, modern design and efficient service of our solutions. ProDevice products meet strict standards related to data protection, defined by international guidelines and legal regulations, such as GDPR.

We have NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE. It means that the usage data of the products we provide are made available to the military logistics of the countries participating in the NCS system and to buyers of products on the civilian market.

We treat the destruction of sensitive data as an integral part of the mandatory cybersecurity policy that should be implemented in every company and institution.

Knowledge and development

We are part of the ongoing changes in the digital world. Our R&D center intensively cooperates with scientific centers, implementing advanced research and development projects. They are related to the production of the most modern devices in the field of broadly defined CyberSecurity.

The consequence of our development policy has become close commercial relations with our Partners in over 40 countries around the world: in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Africa.