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IT Infrastructure security tests

ReconMore is a unique hybrid vulnerability scanner service on the market. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it combines two elements.

  1. One is 24/7/365 software that scans protected infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.
  2. The second element is our qualified and experienced team of penetration testers. Our customers can ensure that they will not be forced to analyze long automated generated reports containing false positives thanks to their work.

In the end, reports from the ReconMore service contain only confirmed, exploited vulnerabilities and suggestions on how to eliminate them in the future.

The origins of the ReconMore approach can be traced back to the Bug Bounty projects in which the architects of our service participated.  The hybrid methodology used in our vulnerability scanner enables us to find vulnerabilities even in places where penetration testers did not detect vulnerabilities in our clients’ infrastructure. ReconMore caught these vulnerabilities less than 24 hours after launching our service. We have been developing our services based on experience, suggestions, and research on our Customerss’ infrastructures for two years. Thus, ReconMore allows you to leapfrog the quality of cyber security in your organization and outsource such key personnel as cyber security specialists supported by a tool that never sleeps and always takes care of the business continuity of your company’s ICT infrastructure.

Our team can also provide various services related to penetration testing and broadly understood cyber security, such as testing in multiple models, RedTeaming, SOC/SIEM/IDS/IPS/Firewall/DDoS outsourcing, intrusion analysis. We deliver everything in a flexible and effective cooperation model prepared individually with the Client.