zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Building an information security management system, Cyber consulting services, IT Infrastructure security tests, Incident analysis, OSINT, Security education/training, Threat Intelligence / Threat Hunting

We offer wide range of cybersecurity services, including: incident analysis, security audits, building an information security management system, security education / training, hazard modeling, OSINT, cybersecurity R&D projects, training of employees in identifying and repelling sociotechnical attacks, application security tests, IT infrastructure security tests, red teaming / purple teaming tests, sociotechnical tests, cybersecurity training, threat intelligence / threat hunting, cyber consulting services, implementing of processes, documentation and solutions in range of: IT Disaster Recovery, IT continuity management, cybersecurity incident response structures, procedures, frameworks and standards, privacy / GDPR compliance, risk management / threat analysis. We provide also expert roles outsourcing, such as incident management, risk management, information security and continuity coordinator, threat analyst, DPO / Privacy Officer.

Problem we solve

Resilia’s mission is to improve awareness and implement proven and cost-effective solutions in the field of business security and resilience and therefore prepare the organizations to respond operational events that may disrupt achieving the goals, conducting key services, processes and commitments.