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Parental Control Solution

SafeKiddo was founded in 2014 by Marcin Marzec and his team in Warsaw, Poland. Our parental control solution was created by parents for parents, to help them safeguard their children online.

SafeKiddo is growing rapidly, leveraging its AI technology and security skills to develop on the market for parent control software. Today our app has more than 200,000 users worldwide. The SafeKiddo solution’s wide range of features includes screen time control, online monitoring, reporting, safe search, app monitoring, adult content blocking, geolocation and geofencing. It allows parents to avoid intrusive inspections of their children’s devices or cutting them off from the online world, with respect and understanding for their curiosity about what the Internet offers them today.

Every day we implement the principle of “Safe with every click,” providing parents with a tool that helps them keep their children safe in the virtual world. We are constantly developing and expanding our team of specialists working on new solutions. Our application has a kidSAFE Seal Program Certificate, and received the Grand Prize in the Children and the Internet category during the 14th edition of the Child-friendly World competition.