zakres działalności:
Authentication, IOT Security, Network security, Security Operations Center (SOC), Security audits, Security of end devices

Cybersecurity Studio created a system that allows companies to implement and maintain an effective process for managing IT security across the entire organization. CyberStudio categorizes three major domains of risks, in which it analyses and identifies events that potentially signal incoming threats: Infrastructure, Users and ITrelated Processes. The scope of functions delivered within those three domains makes CyberStudio a comprehensive solution. The system responds to the requirements of the management expecting to receive only crucial and uninterrupted information about the general security level within the given organization, but it also provides suggestions for strictly technical improvements.

Problem we solve

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more destructive. Most of the cybersecurity tools available on the market are corporate-grade solutions, too costly and beyond reach of smaller and medium-sized companies. We have developed an automated system that does not require technical knowledge to operate or hiring security experts. Broadly speaking, we protect SMEs against bankruptcy. CyberStudio provides the maximum level of protection against external and internal cyber threats. We ensure 24/7 protection, every day of the year, so that our clients can sleep peacefully at night.