zakres działalności:
App security, Authentication/Autorization, Identity management, Other services, eIDAS-compliant trust services

SIGNIUS offers a wide range of eIDAS-compliant solutions in the field of electronic trust services: electronic signatures for individual and corporate clients, remote customer video identification, local batch Q-sealing with Q-time stamping and Time Stamp Server. We create innovative technologies supporting the business development and enabling effective workflow.

Problem we solve

SIGNIUS is a modern and state of art Remote Signing Platform offered to individuals as well as business customers in 2 models:
• SIGNIUS Professional – a fully managed, simple, and convenient cloud service for users who want to sign documents with an Electronic Signature instantly and in a legally binding way.
• SIGNIUS Enterprise – a comprehensive platform for Digital Contract Management, Electronic Signing and KYC, CFT & AML compliant Remote Customer Identification – offered in different deployment options: fully managed, hybrid and on-premise.