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Data encryption/cryptographic solutions

Encrypt and decrypt files and folders using the Specfile application installed on your computer. This option allows you to grant access to encrypted documents to designated users and send them in encrypted form. Encrypting and decrypting files online (without the application, directly on the website). The process takes place locally and safely. Encrypted and decrypted file does not leave the user’s device. Electronic Referral Letter – sending documents online in an encrypted form with confirmation of receipt. It bears all the hallmarks of a Referral Letter and may be evidence in court proceedings. Mailbox – a tool for creating and sending secure correspondence. Widget to be placed on the website in order to provide customers with an easy way to send documents safely to the company’s e-mail address.

Problem we solve

Specfile is a simple tool for people whose work depends on documents. It guarantees the security of confidential files and folders, preventing unauthorized access to their contents by using the strongest cryptography. Specfile also allows you to securely send documents online in encrypted form and send documents online with confirmation of receipt (a modern alternative to registered mail). The tool will also be useful helpful for institutions that receive confidential correspondence (e.g. containing personal data) from their clients, because it allows sending encrypted documents in the easiest way (without involving the client).