zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Compliance, Cyber consulting services, Cybersecurity R&D projects, DDoS resistance tests, Data extraction, Device safety tests, IOT Security, IT Infrastructure security tests, Network security, OSINT, Red Teaming/Purple Teaming Tests, Security of end devices, Social engineering tests, Threat Intelligence / Threat Hunting

TestArmy Group is one of the fastest growing testing companies in Central Europe according to Deloitte ranking (2019). We are certified specialists in cyber security and quality testing of digital products. Our team consists of 80 people who have experience working in 5 time zones. We have been in the market for 10 years. During this time we have completed more than 800 successful projects.

Our clients are global brands and leaders in many industries. We have worked with: Philips, T-Mobile, Samsung, OriginTag, Apator, Credit Agricole, Unilever, Zapflow, Yves Rocher.

Detailed cybersecurity services that we provide:

  • penetration tests – we assess the security of web, mobile and desktop applications
  • social engineering tests – we carry out targeted campaigns using the following methods: phishing, baiting, pretexting, watering hole, whaling attack, vishing
  • source code analysis – we analyze the implementation of authorization and encryption algorithms. We can verify occurrences of logic errors.
  • Infrastructure analysis – we carry out tests of external and internal infrastructure in the areas of local network contact with the internet, internal company network, corporate wi-fi networks and network devices scanning.
  • compliance services in IT security – we conduct RODO audits

What makes us stand out:

  • We are flexible and available – we adapt to the technology, resources and the level of our client’s organization. If necessary we recommend a tech stack verified by us. Our experts are available on-site, thanks to which we can offer much faster lead times than our competition
  • Experience – We have been operating on the market for 10 years. Our experience helps us identify the best practices and the most optimal solutions for a specific company
  • Customers appreciate our competencies – 90% of cooperation with our clients in the field of IT security is long-term
  • We are trusted by governmental organizations – we have a security clearance (a document issued by ABW or SKW)
  • We are the owner of the testuj.pl brand – we educate and develop the software testing industry. We conduct training in the area of ​​software testing, test automation, IT security and social engineering.