zakres działalności:
App security, Application security tests, Cyber consulting services, Device safety tests, End devices security, Forensic informatics, IOT Security, IT Infrastructure security tests, Incident analysis, Malware analysis using advanced research environment, OSINT, Security education/training, Sociotechnical tests

Penetration tests – a controlled attack on the client’s system, helping to identify (and then secure) vulnerabilities.
Social engineering tests – a personalized attack based on social engineering techniques that allows checking the effectiveness of security protocols and the degree of employees’ awareness of manipulation methods used by hackers.
Vulnerability Assessment – a review of the security posture of an information system, followed by the identification of areas for improvement.
Network infrastructure tests – a security test for the company network.

Problem we solve

We care about the security of our customers’ digital resources. We perform security audits, penetration tests, network infrastructure tests, and post-incident reviews. We educate how to take care of security in the company on a daily basis and how to recognize the social engineering techniques used by hackers. Moreover, we support ensuring the highest quality of software through functional, performance, security, and accessibility tests. We also help to automate tests. Over the past 5 years, we have completed over 500 successful projects for 130 clients, including the public sector and international brands such as Samsung, Philips, MediaMarkt, Credit Agricole, and Raiffeisen Bank.