zakres działalności:
DNS Security, Security Operations Center (SOC)

We offer cybersecurity in the SaaS model. We create applications and websites resistant to failures and cyber attacks from scratch, which we maintain on private and public servers of the Tytani24 platform. We also comprehensively secure and host websites and web applications entrusted to us by clients. We operate on the basis of 11 layers of security, including swarm intelligence, multi-level firewall, risk mitigation. We give our clients confidence that the data they administer (personal, company) are completely safe. In addition, we enable them to automatically generate cybersecurity reports. This is a unique service. Thanks to it, customers learn about the effectiveness of protection and – for example – the monthly number of attacks on their website.

Problem we solve

Titans24 is a platform for creating applications and websites, combined with their subsequent maintenance and protection. h. The system focuses on securing, developing and constantly updating the applications of companies, organizations or public institutions. The mission of T24 is to increase the availability of cyber security and new technologies in the SME and corporate sectors, necessary to effectively secure online business and individuals. T24 enables any organization to work within a highly secure IT environment. The platform is also adapted to the storage of digital data, including sensitive data.