Vector Synergy
zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Cybersecurity training, DDoS resistance tests, IT Infrastructure security tests, Network security, Red Teaming/Purple Teaming Tests, Security audits, Social engineering tests

Vector Synergy has been providing specialists for international projects for clients in Europe and around the world, for institutions such as NATO and the European Union and many others since 2010. We are the producer of the CDeX cyber range – an advanced cybernetic platform with a comprehensive training system. It allows for improving the practical skills of specialists responsible for the security of ICT infrastructure in the field of detection and response to cyber-attacks. Thanks to the training, the security team is able to prepare for a real attack by fending off a simulated but hyper-realistic breach of the company’s infrastructure. CDeX cyber range has been awarded the prestigious NATO Communications and Information Agency award „Innovation Challenge Top 10 Innovators” for the best training tool in the field of cyber defence.

Problem we solve

• Ensure business continuity for organizations by offering the services of over 800 security cleared experts, fluent in English and ready to work within a month
• Implement classified projects marked with a secret or top-secret clearance
• Improve the skills of IT security specialists in the field of detection and response to cyber threats
• Effectively support companies and institutions in protecting their resources against attacks (security audits, application and infrastructure penetration testing, DDoS attacks resistance tests, social engineering tests, Red/Purple Teaming tests)