zakres działalności:
Application security tests, Cyber consulting services, Cybersecurity R&D projects, Device safety tests, IT Infrastructure security tests, OSINT, Security audits

Z-Labs is a company specializing in offensive side of computer security. We deliver adversary simulation exercises and penetration testing services. We conduct research and development work in areas of software and network security. While conducting application-level penetration testing we will thoroughly analyze attack surface of your application and identify security issues. We will propose effective mitigation strategies. During infrastructure-level penetration testing we will assess security posture of your network infrastructure which will complement your vulnerability management program or help in fulfilling your PCI-DSS/GDPR compliance requirements. To assess prevention and detection capabilities of your organization we will conduct carefully planned adversary simulation exercises and we will help in improving security posture and cyber resilience of your organization.

Problem we solve

Possessing years of experience in offensive side of information security and thoroughly understanding security challenges organizations face today, Z-Labs is well positioned to improve overall security posture and cyber resilience of your organization. Combining top-notch technical expertise with in-depth understanding of adversarial mindset, Z-Labs will be an ideal partner for your company whether you want to assess security posture of a software component or conduct adversarial attack simulation against your organization.